Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling <p><em>SESMO seeks to transform society and socio-environmental decision-making through model-based research that integrates multiple issues, domain expertise and interest groups&nbsp;</em></p> International Environmental Modelling and Software Society en-US Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling 2663-3027 Science-design loop for the design of resilient urban landscapes <p>Urban landscapes face significant challenges, as they must transform towards sustainability while remaining resilient. Urban landscape transformation is a complex task for landscape designers. They must not only create new solutions for landscapes but also ensure that their proposals are capable to deliver and maintain key ecosystems services over time and especially after shocks. In practice, designers must increase their dialogue with scientists and engineers to include expertise on ecosystems functions and services. Through science-design feedback loops, designers can be challenged by scientists’ models and simulations and thus create informed designs. Lastly, stakeholders also catalyse key steps of such a process, in particular by providing local expertise as well as co-constructing and validating the informed designs. In this paper, we introduce a roadmap, centred on an intensive interdisciplinary dialogue – a science-design loop. We illustrate the relevance of this roadmap with the analysis of five case studies about flood management and blue-green infrastructures. We analyse them according to the main steps of our roadmap and with the support of key interviews with experienced practitioners. First, this analysis provides an overview of best practices and challenges in the current urban landscape design world. But above all, we show the relevance of the proposed roadmap to muster science and design in a balanced manner in urban transformations.</p> Nicolas Salliou Tony Arborino Joan Iverson Nassauer Diego Salmeron Philipp Urech Derek Vollmer Adrienne Grêt-Regamey Copyright (c) 2023 Nicolas Salliou, Tony Arborino, Joan Iverson Nassauer, Diego Salmeron, Philipp Urech, Derek Vollmer, Adrienne Grêt-Regamey 2023-02-14 2023-02-14 5 18543 18543 10.18174/sesmo.18543 Scale decisions and good practices in socio-environmental systems modelling: guidance and documentation during problem scoping and model formulation <p>Models of socio-environmental or social-ecological systems (SES) commonly address problems requiring interdisciplinary scientific expertise and input from a heterogeneous group of stakeholders. In SES modelling multiple interactions occur on different scales among various phenomena. These scale phenomena include the technical, such as system variables, process detail, inputs and outputs, which most often require spatial, temporal, thematic and organisational choices. From a good practice and project efficiency perspective, the problem scoping and conceptual model formulation phase of modelling is the one to address well from the outset. During this phase, intense and substantive discussions should arise regarding appropriate scales at which to represent the different phenomena. Although the details of these discussions influence the path of model development, they are seldom documented and as a result often forgotten. We draw upon personal experience with existing protocols and communications in recent literature to propose preliminary guidelines for documenting these early discussions about the scale(s) of the studied phenomena. Our guidelines aim to aid modelling group members in building and capturing the richness of their rationale for scoping and scale decisions. The resulting transcripts are intended to promote transparency of modelling decisions and provide essential support for the justification of the final model for its intended use. They also facilitate adaptive modifications of the pathway of model development via retracing decisions and iterative reflection upon alternative scale options.</p> Hsiao-Hsuan Wang George van Voorn William E. Grant Fateme Zare Carlo Giupponi Patrick Steinmann Birgit Müller Sondoss Elsawah Hedwig van Delden Ioannis N. Athanasiadis Zhanli Sun Wander Jager John C. Little Anthony J. Jakeman Copyright (c) 2023 Hsiao-Hsuan Wang, George van Voorn, William E. Grant, Fateme Zare, Carlo Giupponi, Patrick Steinmann, Birgit Muller, Sondoss Elsawah, Hedwig van Delden, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Zhanli Sun, Wander Jager, John C. Little, Anthony J. Jakeman 2023-03-27 2023-03-27 5 18563 18563 10.18174/sesmo.18563