Kernel-based sensitivity indices for any model behavior and screening
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dependency models
Multivariate weighted distributions
reducing uncertainties

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Lamboni, M. (2023). Kernel-based sensitivity indices for any model behavior and screening. Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling, 5, 18566.


Complex models are often used to understand interactions and drivers of human-induced and/or natural phenomena. It is worth identifying the input variables that drive the model output(s) in a given domain and/or govern specific model behaviors such as contextual indicators based on socioenvironmental models. Using the theory of multivariate weighted distributions to characterize specific model behaviors, we propose new measures of association between inputs and such behaviors. Our measures rely on sensitivity functionals (SFs) and kernel methods, including variance-based sensitivity analysis. The proposed ℓ1-based kernel indices account for interactions among inputs, higher-order moments of SFs, and their upper bounds are somehow equivalent to the Morris-type screening measures, including dependent elementary effects. Empirical kernel-based indices are derived, including their statistical properties for the computational issues, and numerical results are provided.

Article Full Text (PDF)


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