Assessing convergence in global sensitivity analysis: a review of methods for assessing and monitoring convergence
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global sensitivity analysis
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Sun, X., Jakeman, A. J., Croke, B. F., Roberts, S. G., & Jakeman, J. D. (2024). Assessing convergence in global sensitivity analysis: a review of methods for assessing and monitoring convergence. Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling, 6, 18678.


In global sensitivity analysis (GSA) of a model, a proper convergence analysis of metrics is essential for ensuring a level of confidence or trustworthiness in sensitivity results obtained, yet is somewhat deficient in practice. The level of confidence in sensitivity measures, particularly in relation to their influence and support for decisions from scientific, social and policy perspectives, is heavily reliant on the convergence of GSA. We review the literature and summarize the available methods for monitoring and assessing convergence of sensitivity measures based on application purposes. The aim is to expose the various choices for convergence assessment and encourage further testing of available methods to clarify their level of robustness. Furthermore, the review identifies a pressing need for comparative studies on convergence assessment methods to establish a clear hierarchy of effectiveness and encourages the adoption of systematic approaches for enhanced robustness in sensitivity analysis.

Article Full Text (PDF)


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