Vol. 1: Inaugural Issue (2019)
Inaugural Issue (2019)

More Recent Issues: Issue 2 (2020) and Issue 3 (2021)


Anthony Jakeman, Ioannis Athanasiadis, Marjolijn Haasnoot, Marco Janssen, Alexey Voinov
Editorial: The inaugural issue of Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling (SESMO)
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Research Papers

Andrew Reid Bell, Carlos Calvo-Hernandez, Michael Oppenheimer
Migration, Intensification, and Diversification as Adaptive Strategies
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Jennifer Koch, Jack R Friedman, Stephanie Paladino, Sophie Plassin, Kyndra Spencer
Conceptual modeling for improved understanding of the Rio Grande/Río Bravo socio-environmental system
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Luis A. Bojorquez-Tapia, Marco Janssen, Hallie Eakin, Andres Baeza, Fidel Serrano-Candela, Paola Gomez-Priego, Yosune Miquelajauregui
Spatially-explicit simulation of two-way coupling of complex socio-environmental systems: Socio-hydrological risk and decision making in Mexico City
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Bramka Arga Jafino, Marjolijn Haasnoot, Jan H Kwakkel
What are the merits of endogenising land-use change dynamics into model-based climate adaptation planning?
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Nicolas Paget, Bruno Bonté, Olivier Barreteau, Gabriella Pigozzi, Pierre Maurel
An in-silico analysis of information sharing systems for adaptable resources management: a case study of oyster farmers
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Susanna Jernberg, Henrik Nygard, Ainars Aunins, Antti Lappalainen, Anna-Stiina Heiskanen, Jens Olsson, Pirkko Kauppila, Samuli Korpinen, Kirsi Kostamo, Laura Uusitalo
A retrospective assessment of marine biodiversity: a critical analysis of integration and aggregation rules
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Perrine Hamel, Genowefa Blundo-Canto, Virginia Kowal, Benjamin P. Bryant, Peter L. Hawthorne, Rebecca Chaplin-Kramer
Where should livestock graze? Integrated modeling and optimization to guide grazing management in the Cañete basin, Peru
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