Vol. 3: Third Issue (2021)
Third Issue (2021)

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Advances in Modelling Practice

Manuela Vanegas Ferro, Allen Lee, Calvin Pritchard, C. Michael Barton, Marco A. Janssen
Containerization for creating reusable model code
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Research Papers

Carlo Giupponi, Anne-Gaelle Ausseil, Stefano Balbi, Fabio Cian, Alexander Fekete, Animesh K. Gain, Arthur Hrast Essenfelder, Javier Martinez-Lopez, Vahid Mojtahed, Celia Norf, Helder Relvas, Ferdinando Villa
Integrated modelling of social-ecological systems for climate change adaptation
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Deana Pennington, Shirley Vincent, Dave Gosselin, Kate Thompson
Learning across disciplines in socio-environmental problem framing
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Vianny Ahimbisibwe, Jurgen Groeneveld, Melvin Lippe, Susan Balaba Tumwebaze, Eckhard Auch, Uta Berger
Understanding smallholder farmer decision making in forest land restoration using agent-based modeling
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Jessica Stanhope, Helen J. Mayfield, Joseph H. A. Guillaume, Oz Sahin, Philip Weinstein, Colleen Lau
Synergising decision making and interventions across human health and environment: concepts for designing a model for infectious diseases
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Wuthiwong Wimolsakcharoen, Pongchai Dumrongrojwatthana, Christophe Le Page, Francois Bousquet, Guy Trebuil
An agent-based model to support community forest management and non-timber forest product harvesting in northern Thailand
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Bastien Richard, Bruno Bonte, Olivier Barreteau, Isabelle Braud
A situated agent-based model to reveal irrigators' options behind their actions under institutional arrangements in Southern France
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