Vol 2 (2020)
Second Volume

This volume is in progress. Check the first volume here.

Peer-reviewed article

Sondoss Elsawah, Tatiana Filatova, Anthony J. Jakeman, Albert J. Kettner, Moira L. Zellner, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis, Serena H. Hamilton, Robert L. Axtell, Daniel G. Brown, Jonathan M. Gilligan, Marco A. Janssen, Derek T. Robinson, Julie Rozenberg, Isaac I. T. Ullah, Steve J. Lade
Eight grand challenges in socio-environmental systems modeling
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Grace B. Villamor, David L. Griffith, Andrew Kliskey, Lilian Alessa
Contrasting stakeholder and scientist conceptual models of food-energy-water systems: a case study in Magic Valley, Southern Idaho
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Meike Will, Jürgen Groeneveld, Karin Frank, Birgit Müller
Combining social network analysis and agent-based modelling to explore dynamics of human interaction: A review
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Baihua Fu, Joseph H.A. Guillaume, Anthony J. Jakeman, Michael J. Asher
A bricolage-style exploratory scenario analysis to manage uncertainty in socio-environmental systems modeling: investigating integrated water management options
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Laura Uusitalo, Susanna Jernberg, Patrik Korn, Riikka Puntila-Dodd, Annaliina Skyttä, Suvi Vikström
Fuzzy cognitive mapping of Baltic Archipelago Sea food webs reveals no cliqued views of the system structure between stakeholder groups
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