Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling

Current Issue

Vol. 4
Published April 13, 2022
Fourth Issue (in progress)

Earlier Issues: Issue 1 (2019), Issue 2 (2020) and Issue 3 (2021)

Special Issue: Large-scale behavioural models of land use change

Oliver Perkins, Sarah Matej, Karlheinz Erb, James Millington
Towards a global behavioural model of anthropogenic fire: The spatiotemporal distribution of land-fire systems
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Gunnar Dressler, Jürgen Groeneveld, Jessica Hetzer, Anja Janischewski, Henning Nolzen, Edna Rödig, Nina Schwarz, Franziska Taubert, Jule Thober, Meike Will, Tim Williams, Stephen Björn Wirth, Birgit Müller
Upscaling in socio-environmental systems modelling: Current challenges, promising strategies and insights from ecology
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SESMO is an Open Access, Community Driven, Scholarly Journal, that aims to progress our understanding, learning and decision making on major socio-environmental issues using advances in model-grounded processes that engage with institutional and governance contexts, cross-sectoral and scale challenges, and stakeholder perspectives.

Fit-for-purpose problem framing, model development and evaluation as well as eclectic uncertainty analysis are stressed so that the advantages and limitations of model-related assumptions are transparent. The aim is to advance model-grounded, learning and decision processes and their wider application to a new level that leads to innovations in thinking and practice to support resolution of grand challenge problems; including generating policy insights and evidence, and reducing and managing critical uncertainties (assumptions, model structure, parameterizations, inputs including future drivers, and boundary conditions). Papers may address how science can help identify and provide germane information and support required by managers, decision-makers and society at large.